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About us

We're a small team of four people in London, funded through Index Ventures. We strongly believe that great communication leads to great outputs. Our product, Gitter, is a messaging application for people who build software.

Gitter is built on Node, Express, Backbone, Mongo, Redis, Faye and countless other wonderful pieces of technology. You'll have no shortage of exposure to exciting engineering and the early days of building a product.

One of the great things about working at Gitter is our product is by developers, for developers. Think of yourself as a customer and get involved in building something you'd want to use on a daily basis.

All the usual startup goodies, including very favourable stock plan, flexible working hours and vacations.

We prefer our team to be together in meatspace, but will also consider remote applicants.

Senior backend developer

Although our team is generally full-stack, we are looking for a developer who is pretty darn awesome at server stuff. You've scaled big web apps.

Fluency in the following technologies is required:

  • Node
  • Redis
  • Mongo
  • AWS
  • Puppet/Chef/Ansible

You'll be working in the deep nether-regions of Gitter to make sure things are shipshape and shiny. This will not only require building, maintaining and testing server components, but will also require deployment work. Some people call this Devops, the other day we heard some guy call it "Cloud Engineering", we call it making shit work smoothly so everyone can sleep at night.

Frontend developer/designer

Ok, so you're not just a developer or a designer. You're a developer who loves pixels or a designer who builds stuff. When that padding is 1px off, you're the person who notices and sorts it out.

We will marvel at the beauty and elegancy of your CSS/HTML and be dazzled by your JavaScript skills.

You should have a good grasp of the full web application stack. You're familiar with Backbone or Angular and hopefully you've played with Node.js or even Meteor.

How to apply

Please send us your resume in whatever form you currently have it. It would be great to receive a little intro about yourself and what excites you about working with us.

We would like to see examples of your work, by this we generally mean: send us your GitHub username.